Paddington, Australia: A Definitive Guide to the Best the City Has to Offer

Paddington, a scenic inner-city suburb of Sydney, Australia, is a gem of a tourist attraction loaded with rich history, gorgeous sights, and the famous Paddington Market.

Paddington is home to a slew of famous Australian landmarks. The Victoria Barracks, an infamous Australian army base, is loaded with Australian military history. Built out of picturesque Hawkesbury Sandstone, the vast building is now home to Australia’s Headquarters Land Command and Headquarters Training Command. Inside, Australia’s rich culture is prominently displayed, and the building is open for visitors. Continue reading

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Historical Locations in Tasmania

The Tasmanian Aborigines were the first inhabitants of Tasmania before the British established a settlement there in 1803. The first European to spot Tasmania was a Dutch explorer called Abel Tasman, who made the discovery in November 1642. The former territory has a rich history that you can learn from different sites. Continue reading

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Visit Historical Places in Australia

Visiting Australia? You’ll find a country–and a continent–replete with human history dating back some 40,000 years. Some of Australia’s historical landmarks are icons of the country, and have also been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s important to have an idea of the places you want to visit before choosing a hotel. Continue reading

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Australian Museum – Sydney

The Australian Museum in Sydney is one place where you can have a rich mix of experiences. Whether you want to learn about early Australian cultures, animals, minerals or fossils the museum offers all and more.  Continue reading

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Historic Paddington

Paddington, known locally as “Paddo,” is an eastern suburb of Sydney, Australia, and boasts a rich historical heritage. In fact, nine buildings in Paddington are listed on the Australian Register of the National Estate.

With the exception of Paddington Court House, located on Jersey Road, and Royal Hotel, located on Glenmore Road, each of the other seven historical buildings are found on Oxford Street. History buffs can explore Victoria Barracks, Paddington Town Hall, Uniting Church and Parsonage, St. Matthias Church Hall, St. Matthias Church Group, the Former Rectory, and the Paddington Public School. Continue reading

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